robo16-150xMiddle-school and high school students from four cities (Mt Olive, Collins, Magee, Mendenhall) come together each Saturday to learn about robotics.  Mount Olive Ministries’ Rural Robotics Institute is sponsoring two 3-hour Saturday classes.  The program runs through May 2011. Robotics teaches math, science and engineering skills along with the fun and enjoyment in building and programming robots.  “Our goal is to eliminate the high school dropout rate with the kids in this program and to motivate the students in math and science.” says Pastor Duckworth, President of Mount Olive Ministries.  Outside of school kids have little to do and are not motivated or encouraged to pursue academic activities.  “We will follow-up with these kids and help them to continually do better in school.” says Duckworth.

robo11-200xThe program is taught by Mr Ray Holt, a pioneer in the microcomputer industry.  Mr Holt came to Mississippi to help teach technology-related courses to students.  “I am very encouraged with the excitement of the students and with their ability to learn quickly. I think we will get some students pursing technology careers from this class.”  says Holt.

The University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) and Jackson State University are supporting and looking at this program as a model for enhanced learning of math, science and engineering as an after-school activity in rural area.


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