By Nancy Bagwel. Doesn’t  the future appears bleak and doubtful!  The economy is in shambles.  Jobs are hard to find.  Our money doesn’t go far.  Yet some expenses, like providing for our children, never stop.  How can we provide for our children’s future?  Where are the resources for equipping Covington County’s younger citizens?

A new program is attempting to address that question in the Mount Olive area, but it needs support and help.  Every Saturday, ROBOTICS teaches young teens skills for their future and excites them about math and science making these school subjects relevant in their lives.  Ideally, each child in the program designs, builds, uses math equations for programming and finally,   activates his/her own robot.  Yet, just like our own pockets, Mount Olive Ministries has NOT enough money for one child per robot – maybe not enough for four children per robot.  The program depends solely on donations and limited grant funding  to change the future – Covington County’s future and its young citizens’ future.  The teacher of the program is volunteering his time to the community.  The children are interested and eager – there is even a list of children waiting for a chance to participate and hoping that another class will begin soon.  So what can be done?

What can you and I do to help change the future of these young Covington County citizens?  Sponsor a robot!  Let’s collect change.  Let’s write a check payable to Mount Olive Ministries.  Let’s donate a portion of our blessings for support.  With our help, robots will change these young teens into creative scientists.  With our help, these students will go on to college.  Our children will soon compete with children in other robotic programs across the nation.  Let’s help our children here at home, so they can win the final robotic competitions and thereby win the college scholarships awarded for the best robots!  Let’s change the future one child and one robot at a time!

I learned about this program while visiting Mount Olive, and I feel strongly that this non-profit program can make a difference in Covington County.  I look forward to visiting the robotics class to see what my donation is making possible.  Please contact Tony Duckworth (601-797-4377) at Mount Olive Ministries for a visit to the robotics class, or for more information, or for donating to this very worthy cause.  Working together, we can change the future.

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