rsz_summer_enrichment_035By: Noah Greene

C.S Lewis said it best… “We are giving our time and resources to those who need it the least, and depriving those who need it the most.” On June 10th – 14th, Redeemer Youth group of Jackson, MS assisted Pastor Tony C. Duckworth and his family on their quest to give their time to those who need it the most within their community. For several years, Pastor Duckworth has been running a summer enrichment program in which he and his wife, Shannon, along with zealous volunteers teach children ranging from ages 4 to 12 on Biblical Theology along with age appropriate Reading, English, Math, History, and Writing skills. Along with helping the children in their summertime studies, Redeemer Youth ran a weeklong Vacation Bible school studying Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection.

On Monday, June 10, 2013, Redeemer Youth made the hour and fifteen minute long trip from Jackson to Mt.Olive. Upon their arrival, Redeemer Youth went to work splitting the kids into various groups according to age. Ages 4 to 5 spent the early morning period of their day furthering their alphabet and math skills along with advancing there overall world knowledge. The older students studied key historical figures such as ChristopherColumbus and LeonardoDa Vinci, as well as, spent time on necessary math skills that they would be facing this upcoming school year. During the week, students were taught the story of Jesus’ birth and resurrection along with grace and the ability to repent for their transgressions. Each day the students were taught by a number of biblical characters.


At the end of the long days of playing with children and teaching, the Redeemer Youth Group spent time getting to better know the Duckworth’s and the city of Mt. Olive they so dearly love. Later during the week Pastor Duckworth took Redeemer Youth on a tour of Mt.Olive in which they learned of the purpose of Pastor Duckworth’s mission. They also learned about the deep heritage within Mt.Olive, such as the AfricanAmericanSchool that burned several years earlier, how SteveMcNair’s football career started in Mt.Olive and how Pastor Duckworth came to know Christ. Pastor Duckworth came to know Christ on the porch of a house in his neighborhood, where a Mt.Olive resident spoke to him about God’s saving work. Thus his Christian walk began, now speaking to congregations regularly on what he heard so many years ago.

While this was no average mission trip, seeing as how it was filled with late nights of laser tag, watching the NBA finals, and several trips to Dairy Queen, aspiring young teens from Redeemer Church worked tirelessly to help promote the betterment of the city of Mt. Olive, Mississippi and the United States.


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