3rd & 4th Grade 1For many years now, parents have been searching and dreaming for an educational alternative to the surrounding public school systems where their kids can receive an advanced education as well as a biblical education. On Monday, August 4th, Mount Olive Ministries made those dreams a reality.

The Mount Olive Ministries’ outreach building is no longer used for just After School Program, Summer Enrichment Program, Robotic Program, and Lock-ins. The Mount Olive Community Church which is next door to Mount Olive Ministries is no longer used for just worshiping, and other Church related activities. Both building, as of August 4th have been made available during the weekday to house Grace Christian School (GCS). Students from Mount Olive, Magee, Prentiss, and Collins, Mississippi came eagerly the first day of GCS ready to make history with Mount Olive Ministries’ new endeavor. GCS accepted 40 students ranging in grades K-8.

According to Tony C. Duckworth Sr., “it was amazing to witness parents dropping off their kids at GCS.”   “The underlining goal of GCS is to finally have a school where each child receives both spiritual and an advanced education. The time has passed when students cannot compete on a college level. It is sad and disappointing when a child goes to school for 13 years and cannot write a one page essay or read above an eighth grade level,” continued Duckworth.

As the teachers and students were settling down on the first day of school, Paula Johnson (a retired teacher and supporter of Mount Olive Ministries) surprised the staff with a pound cake to start the day. The teachers were moved with compassion to know that the community considered them worthy of their support.

As the week continued, a fourth grade student stated during class time that it is cool to have discussion about God to correct their behavior. For their first time in their school career, these students are receiving biblical correction, which is different to them. “It is exciting to witness the transformation of each child,” stated Shannon Duckworth.

In addition to implementing an advanced education, GCS is teaching Spanish starting in K-8 grades. GCS is also placing emphasis on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). These students will attend the University of Mississippi math camps, STEM Competition, and Robotic Competition. The students will also travel to Virginia, Washington D.C and other places to visit historical sites in relation to classroom learning.

GCS is committed to changing the city’s reputation that Mount Olive is a place where dreams are just a dream. Duckworth has created educational bench mark tests to ensure each child will receive an advanced education. He is currently seeking sponsorships for each student. If you would like to sponsor a child to attend GCS, please contact the Mount Olive Ministries’ office for more information.



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