One of the biggest difficulties in small group ministry is getting wrapped up in the program of the ministry that we forget why we are doing small groups in the first place! Not so with the Evergreen Church in San Jose, CA.

The eight member small group welcomed Tony C. Duckworth, Sr. to share with their small group back in December 2015. Duckworth highlighted the shortages of industries and economic weaknesses in Mount Olive, Mississippi in conjunction to dysfunctional families, failing school system, poor government leadership, and the inactive religious centers. The purpose of the presentation was to challenge the small group to become partners of Mount Olive Ministries.  Weeks after Duckworth’s presentation, the small group decided to adopt Grace Christian School as their mission project. Each member of the small group purchases birthday gifts each month for students attending Grace Christian School.  The birthday celebration has created excitement and love for students experiencing parental abandonment.

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