Many parents look for low-cost activities to keep kids busy during summer months. Playing in the sprinkler, climbing trees and catching lightning bugs doesn’t cost a thing, but they certainly make for happy childhood memories.
Not so with the parents of Andrew Adcock. Andrew, a fourth grade student at Grace Christian School in Mount Olive, MS spends his summer hanging out inside his playhouse trying to keep cool. Without any power source for his hideout, Andrew accumulated several power cords to extend from his parents’ home to the structure. So for a while, Andrew used power extension cords to power house fans and lights inside his playhouse.IMG_0340

In January 2016, Andrew’s power problems came to an end. His mom Erin enrolled Andrew and his sibling at Grace Christian School. When Andrew saw the STEM Program at the school, he was amazed and excited about becoming a student. Since STEM is a hands-on learning project, it matched well with Andrew who loves working with his hands.
STEM refers to the areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. STEM initiatives started as a way to promote education in these related areas so that students would be prepared to study STEM fields in college and pursue professional careers in the burgeoning and steady related industries.  After being a member of the STEM Program, Andrew realized he could engineer his own solarpowered fan to cool his favorite summertime hangout.
“I got tired of taking power cords to my playhouse each day,” Andrew explained the push behind his invention.

Andrew placed second in the grades 5-8 Toothpick Bridge Competition. He looks forward to participating in the Solar Panel Racing Car Competition, Robotic Competition, Water Rocket Competition, and Math Competition during the fall semester next year. In addition, Andrew is all smiles since Grace Christian School has expanded STEM to K-8 grades.IMG_0341

If you would like to help fund the STEM Program, please make checks payable to Mount Olive Ministries and put “Stem Program” in the subject line, then mail to P. O. Box 875, Mount Olive, MS 39119.  Mount Olive Ministries is a 501c3 organization; therefore, all donations are tax deductible. Your check copy or bank statement is your proof of contribution. Thank you in advance for your support.

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