Volunteer supporters (Justin Madison, Shannon Madison, Jennifer Madison and Tyler Moore) from San Jose, CA volunteered at Mount Olives Ministries during Easter week, April 6-12, 2015. The group was working with the students at GCS and the after school program. Tyler Moore (Mechanical Engineer) expanded the STEM program by implementing the Egg Drop project. The Egg Drop Project teaches students to think creatively. The students had to create a device that would protect the egg from damage when Tyler Moore dropped each student’s egg from the top of the ministry building. While many were successful in protecting their eggs, others needed a little more creativity.

We are all excited about the involvement of this talented Mechanical Engineer who would take the time to volunteer to keep our students motivated through projects such as the Egg Drop.

Tyler will be implementing a pilot program through Skype for our students throughout the year.

After the Egg Drop Project was completed, Mount Olive Ministries’ President, Tony C. Duckworth treated the stu-dents to breakfast, which successfully concluded the goal of the Egg Drop Project.