Mount Olive Ministries’ (MOM) Volunteer Center is set to be available for volunteer Groups in June 2014. The center will provide year-round opportunities for families and Church Groups looking for a place to volunteer. In past years, volunteer groups were hosted by Mount Olive Community Church, friends and family members of Tony C. Duckworth, Sr. Although the volunteer groups loved the fellowship and making new friends with their host families, it created an inconvenience on MOM in seeking a host home that was available each year in June. However, Duckworth stated, “All of the host families loved having the groups in their homes and hated to see the groups re-turn home at the end of their trip.” According to Duckworth, person or group(s) can stay as long as necessary to fulfill their mission. Many volunteer groups desired to come to Mount Olive, but the month of June did not fit their schedule. Now, the MOM’s Volunteer Center will permit volunteer groups to come year-round to assist with meeting the needs of Mount Olive Ministries and the surrounding community. “The volunteer center will provide us with the much needed help during the course of the year,” stated Shannon Duckworth (director of the Kids Zone–After School Program). Shannon went on to say that the groups in June are a major help, but now she can advance the program knowing there are more opportunities for her to receive additional help throughout the year.

The Volunteer Center has four bedrooms, two baths, a kitchen and a large living room for volunteer groups to host their daily meetings; a fireplace, wash-room, and a large yard. After June 2014, groups can come anytime during the year to volunteer at MOM. Volunteer work ranges from Vacation Bible School with arts and crafts, tutoring, and small projects. Small projects at MOM have involved painting, computer repair, building classrooms, building book shelves, and church renovation. Community projects have involved home repair for the elderly, widows, and veterans. Volunteers Groups have also met ministry needs by building new projects (playgrounds, classrooms, and the ministry’s kitchen).

After June 2014, groups are welcome to assist anytime with ministry work or small projects for MOM. According to Duckworth, “Mount Olive Ministries needs help renovating its downtown building into an Internet Café.” The ministry took ownership of the building three years ago. There have been several interests from concerned individuals to assist with the renovation, but the assistance never materialized. The main ministry building needs a roof renovation or roof repair. “With the new Christian school coming, we also need assistance identifying additional sponsors, foundations, and churches”, stated Duckworth. According to Duckworth, person or group(s) can stay as long as their schedule allows in helping to meet the needs of MOM.

Mount Olive Ministries will also use the volunteer center to host quarterly lock-ins. Lock-ins are opportunities for young people to get away from their environment to spend the weekend being ministered to through the studying of God’s Word, praying, meditating, worshiping, cooking out, and sharing.

If you, your small group, or church group would like to volunteer at Mount Olive Ministries, please contact the ministry at the newsletter address or at