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A Trip to Remember

rsz_summer_enrichment_035By: Noah Greene

C.S Lewis said it best… “We are giving our time and resources to those who need it the least, and depriving those who need it the most.” On June 10th – 14th, Redeemer Youth group of Jackson, MS assisted Pastor Tony C. Duckworth and his family on their quest to give their time to those who need it the most within their community.

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“The Marriage Counselor” – Available Now

“Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother and shall cleave unto his wife and they shall be one flesh.” Genesis 2:24.

marriage-110x130tony-110x130Pastor Tony C. Duckworth, Sr. of Mt Olive Church, Mt Olive, MS has announced his first publication aimed at helping couples enhance their marriage through Biblical methods.  His book, “The Marriage Counselor” covers important topics such as; The Importance of Salvation in a Marriage, Understanding Marriage from a Biblical Perspective, Understanding Communication, Role of the Husband, … 

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Experiencing God Through Missions

 Article By: Sue Keener, Whitelaw Avenue Baptist Church, Wood River, IL rsz_newsletter_1 

Whitelaw Avenue Baptist Church (WABC) is located in Wood River, Illinois about 20 miles north of St. Louis, Missouri with an average Sunday attendance of 100 people.  The church members have historically supported mission work locally and globally with contributions to the Cooperative Program of the Southern Baptist Convention but have also taken a “hands-on” approach through mission trips. 

California Family Serves Mt. Olive Ministries

6640 400x207The first thing they noticed about Mississippi when they climbed out of the rental van on June 11, 2013, was the weather.  “Man, it is hot!  And humid, too!”  The Lindsay family, coming from the cool, dry air of San Jose, California, knew that adjusting to the temperature would probably be their biggest challenge on this trip.  But they weren’t here to complain about the heat.  Rather, they came to assist the staff at Mount Olive Ministries (MOM) in any way needed for four days.  When asked why they chose to come to a rural town in Mississippi to give support to a ministry 2,200 miles away from home, Mark Lindsay, father of the family, answered, “I want to expose my children to others in our society who do not have the same opportunities as they do. 

KIDS’ ZONE Students Excel At Awards Day

photo 3Once again, another school year has ended, and our students at the Mount Olive Ministries’ Kids’ Zone are still helping to make our town proud. The 2013 Mount Olive Elementary Class Day turned out to be a great program and the students showed awesome success.

photo 1Whether it was an outstanding exit from kindergarten or the anticipated transition into high school, the students showed that they were more than ready to take on the next challenge. Many of the students received awards for their accomplishments. All A Honor Roll, A & B Honor Roll, Honorable Mention, Accelerated Reader, and Perfect Attendance are only a few of the awards that our students received.

Mount Olive Ministries’ Robotic Team set Rookie Record at World Competition

392494_413086282131870_1364681212_nTeam Purple Thunder (a Robotic Program of Mount Olive Ministries – Mt. Olive, MS) participated in its first year High School Robotic Competition and made its name known at both State and World. On April 24-27, Team Purple Thunder competed in the World Robotic Competition in St. Louis, MO at the Edward Jones Dome. The team, parents, and volunteers left Mount Olive, Mississippi on April 22 to get an early start on competition preparation and site visits.

“Team Purple Thunder did GREAT at the World Robotic Competition.  Out of 128 total FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) teams at World representing 14 different countries, Team Purple Thunder (#5963 from Mt. Olive, MS) wow-ed the judges all week and were the highest ranked rookies (13th) in the Franklin Division,” according to Mannie Lowe FTC Program Manager/Center for Mathematics and Science Education at the University of Mississippi.

379930_412769318830233_1392411382_n“To watch our team compete and win against teams from Russia, Australia, Netherlands, Canada, New Zealand, and many other teams was amazing,” said Tony C. Duckworth president of Mount Olive Ministries.  Duckworth adds, “Many times during their robotic matches I had to walk away to keep Team Purple Thunder from noticing my emotions…to see our students competing on the world stage from a small town in Mississippi was awesome.”

According to Ray Holt, Team Purple Thunder coach, “Team Purple Thunder performed flawlessly. They were the team to beat and other teams put up a strong defense against them.” “Our robot was ranked #1 in Mississippi and #2 in Mississippi for the Inspire Award (overall). This team has an overall 92% GPA in school and all of them want to attend college. Rural Mississippi is now a force in the robotics world.” Holt adds, “I am very proud of every team member for working hard and showing that given the opportunity they can perform with the best.”

431851_412769235496908_1108284302_nWalter Blain, Sr. is one of the Robotic Program’s volunteers. He and his wife traveled to St. Louis to be with the team. “I thought the team did good to be their first time participating and ranking as high as they did,” stated Blain, former owner of The Blain Companies. “This achievement shows how hard the students and Ray worked,” add Blain.

“I can’t wait for next year to compete again,” said Hannah Love. Each team member had an exciting time competing and interacting with other teams. They also exchanged contact information and received gifts from the foreign teams. Team members of Team Purple Thunder are made up of 5 girls and 5 boys with grades ranging from 6th.-11th. Mariah Duckworth, Marquavious Sims, Hannah Love, Whitney Schreiber, Alexis Drake, Hieu Dang, and Tremaine Easterling of Mt. Olive, Cynahmon and Caleb Lee of Magee, MS, and Marcus Brown of Prentiss, MS.

381501_412769452163553_1685817419_n“Over the past three years, we have watched the program grow and develop and we’re excited to see Mount Olive Ministries’ FTC Team Purple Thunder qualify to go to the FIRST World Championship this year!  We commend the Mount Olive Ministries as being an example for other programs within Mississippi,” said Dr. John O’Haver, Director of the Center for Mathematics and Science Education and Professor of Chemical Engineering at The University of Mississippi.

If you would like more information on Mount Olive Ministries, please visit the website at

Robotic Students Make Impact at “Ole Miss” in High School State Robotics Competition

Mount Olive Ministries Robotics Team Purple Thunder

Pictured are Coach Ray Holt and Team Purple Thunder members Caleb Lee, Cynahmon Lee, Marcus Brown, Tremaine Easterling, Hieu Dang, Alexis Drake, Hannah Love, Marquavious Sims, Whitney Schreiber, Alana Peden, and Mariah Duckworth. (Photo credit: Michelle Pesek)

On March 2nd, eleven students (Hieu Dang, Mariah Duckworth, Marquavious Sims, Alexis Drake, Caleb Lee, Whitney Schreiber, Hannah Love, Cynahmon Lee, Alana Peden, Marcus Brown, and Tremaine Easterling) from the Mount Olive Ministries Robotics Program (Team Purple Thunder) competed in the FIRST® Tech Challenge hosted by the University of Mississippi’s Center for Math and Science Education.

Team Purple Thunder received 1st Place in the Innovative Award (Best Robot Design), 2nd in the Inspire Award (Overall), and ranked as a top three Finalists in the following categories: First Tech Challenge Design Award, the Motivate Award, and the Connect Award.  There are only two teams from Mississippi that will be competing against 100 teams in the World Robotic Competition which is to be held in St. Louis, MO on April 24 – 27, 2013.  The teams are Techno Warriors Advanced from Brandon, MS, and Mount Olive Ministries’ Team Purple Thunder.

Instructor/coach Ray Holt (a technology pioneer and computer scientist) states, “I am one very proud coach. I knew if they stayed with the program and worked hard, they could be in the top two.  These students represented Mount Olive, Magee, and Prentiss with honor and class.”

LightningAccording to the robot builders (Caleb, Hieu, Marcus, and Tremaine), “We were confident in our robot to perform very well during competition.”  They added that after the report from the spy members (Hannah, Cynahmon, and Alexis), they knew their robot would out perform their opponents. The spy members were responsible for evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of their opponents’ robots and report their findings to the team.  According to Whitney (team captain) and Marquavious, “the spy report reconfirmed that doing the best with what you have and taking advantage of the people around you make great things happen.”  When the robot drivers (Caleb, Hieu, and Mariah) saw the spy report, they put together an alliance game plan that led the team to St. Louis. If you would like to follow Team Purple Thunder during their competition, visit them at You can also watch video at: .

While Techno Warriors is sponsored by Nissan, Tony C. Duckworth (President/chief fundraiser of Mount Olive Ministries) is busy seeking sponsors for Team Purple Thunder.  “Mr. Holt kept telling me a few days before the event that the kids had a good chance to finish in the top two,” said Duckworth.  “When I saw the other 28 teams with major sponsors, I prayed and asked God to bless our team to perform to the best of their ability. Operating on a low budget can be stressful, but our students demonstrated they can compete against anyone anywhere at any time,” stated Duckworth.

According to Duckworth, “I am busy working to raise the $25,000 needed to ensure all fees, lodging, traveling, material, and additional equipment by April 2 to pay for the St. Louis trip.”  Duckworth is thankful for the support of MissisRobot in Actionsippi Hub, Real Foundation, and Brandon Petroleum Properties.  Special thanks to John Schreiber for underwriting the hotel cost, Walter Blain, Sr. for underwriting the food cost, and the parents for helping fundraise.

If you are interested in sponsoring Team Purple Thunder for the World Robotic Competition, please contact Tony C. Duckworth at 601.466.0600 or at  Sponsorship checks can be mailed to P.O. 875, Mt. Olive, MS  39119.  Checks should be made payable to Mount Olive Ministries.  Online support can be made at  All checks are tax deductible.

Illinois Mission Team Travels to Mississippi

By:  Jan Timmins and Donna Gaines, Whitelaw Avenue Baptist Church, Wood River, Il.

Whitelaw Avenue Baptist Church mission team consisting of eleven members (8 adults and 3 teenagers) arrived in Mount Olive, Mississippi on June 16th.  Our team came prepared to do tutoring, Vacation Bible School, and construct a kitchen at the Mount Olive Ministry Center (MOM). As the week progressed, we completed these projects and also received gracious hospitality and abundant blessings from Tony and Shannon Duckworth, the church, and the children.

Mission Team From Jackson Mississippi Gives A Helping Hand

Approximately 13 youths from Redeemer Church (PCA) of Jackson, Mississippi loaded up their mission supplies and headed South about 70 miles to Mount Olive Ministries (MOM) for five days of summer tutoring, VBS, and small projects on June 4, 2012.

MOM’s Summer Enrichment Program provides tutoring and VBS for students “at risk” of academic failure and expand career options for students excelling in their education. Normally, the program is led by Tony and Shannon with the help of their children (Tony, Jr. and Mariah). Because funding is lacking, the enrollment was reduced from 125 to 50 students. The benefits of partnering with churches have led to providing much needed help to keep the program available, said Shannon Duckworth (Director of the Summer Enrichment Program).

Robotics students excels at the Ole Miss engineering water tower competition

Seven high school students from the Mount Olive Ministries’ Robotic Program (Hao Dang, Mariah Duckworth, Hannah Dukette, Antawn Easterling, Hannah Love, Alana Peden, and Marquivous Sims) loaded the ministry’s bus with water tower engineering equipment, overnight clothes, and many good-byes and “do well” encouragements from classmates and family members.

The students competed in The University of Mississippi’s annual Engineering Design Competition for high-school students sponsored by the university’s School of Engineering, the Center for Mathematics and Science Education on February 24th.

For two 17-year-old students (Hao Dang and Antawn Easterling) from Mount Olive Attendance Center, the event has already impacted their lives.  Easterling received notification on Monday March 26th that he has been accepted into the University of Mississippi Engineering Program. He will be majoring in electrical engineering. He says being a part of the Mount Olive Ministries’ Robotic Program influenced his decision. Two weeks later, Dang was accepted into the University of Mississippi Engineering Program as well.  Toward the end of the Water Tower Competition, Scott Kilpatrick (Assistant Dean for Student Services, School of Engineering at The University of Mississippi) approached both Dang and Easterling about the opportunity of receiving scholarship funds for the Engineering Program.

Approximately 10 to 15 high school teams compete each year in the competition designed to help students understand how math and science correlates to real-world problems.

Mount Olive Ministries High School Teams to Compete in Ole Miss Water Tower Engineering Competition

Mount Olive Ministries will be represented by two teams at the Ole Miss Water Tower Engineering Competition on Friday, February 24, 2012.  The Mount Olive students are Antawn Easterling, Mariah Duckworth, Alana Peden, Hao Dang, Hannah Dukette, Hannah Love, Marquavias Sims.   This University of Mississippi Engineering Competition is for high-school students. The competition is sponsored by the School of Engineering, the Center for Mathematics and Science Education (CMSE), and the Division of Outreach.