“Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother and shall cleave unto his wife and they shall be one flesh.” Genesis 2:24.

marriage-110x130tony-110x130Pastor Tony C. Duckworth, Sr. of Mt Olive Church, Mt Olive, MS has announced his first publication aimed at helping couples enhance their marriage through Biblical methods.  His book, “The Marriage Counselor” covers important topics such as; The Importance of Salvation in a Marriage, Understanding Marriage from a Biblical Perspective, Understanding Communication, Role of the Husband, …  Role of the Wife, Understanding Love, Principles of Handling Money, Understanding Sex, and Conflict Resolution.

“The Marriage Counselor is a well written manual on marriage that deals with the major issues that married couples face. Its case reviews, teaching questions and questionnaires all combine to give its readers an opportunity to take the content and use it to make their marriage better.”
Dr. Phil Walker
Pastor Ridgecrest Baptist Church
Madison, MS

“Pastor Tony C. Duckworth has done a very important task in pointing couples to the Bible as the foundation for building their marriage.  You will find in this book an invaluable resource in its sound biblical advice, as well as, the practical help that comes from Pastor Tony’s many years of counseling couples.  And be sure of this, Pastor Tony lives what he preaches.”
Mr. Todd Burgett
Pastor of Adult Ministries
West Hills Community Church
Morgan Hill, CA

“I believe God will use this book as an invaluable tool to bless many couples before they get married and help those who are already married.  I highly recommend it as an extraordinary resource.”
Dr. Dolphus Weary
Author of “I Ain’t Comin’ Back”
President, R.E.A.L. Christian Foundation
Richland, MS

To order your copies of “The Marriage Counselor” click HERE.

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